Research shows that feeding milk nutrients improves feed intake, gain, and feed efficiency. Kraylets® provides an economical, reliable alternative to whey for superior performance to low performing corn/soy diets.

Loaded with quality milk protein, fat, minerals, and sugar, Kraylets® contains all the essentials for optimizing health and growth.


  • Loaded with high quality milk protein, with an amino acid profile and balance similar to dried whey
  • Highly digestible milk fat that starts young pigs faster providing 17 percent more energy than dried whey
  • Cheese and milk sugar (lactose) that brings your pigs to feed quickly and helps young pigs transition quickly from sow’s milk to dry feed
  • Helps growing pigs reach market sooner and breeding sows farrow strong litters and supply plenty of milk
  • Available in meal form, mixes easily in total mixed rations, and handles better than whey in conventional feeding equipment


Protein — not less than 23%

Fat — not less than 8.0%

Crude Fiber — not more than 2.0%

Moisture — not more than 7.5%

Typical Nutrient Analysis:

Ash 7.0%

Lactose 30.0%

Amino Acid Profile:

Alarine 0.86%

Argimine 1.27%

Asparitic Acid 2.26%

Cystine 0.21%

Glutamic Acid 4.45%

Glycine 0.75%

Histicine 0.56%

Isoleucine 1.00%

Leucine 1.81%

Lycine 1.43%

Methionine 0.39%

Phenylalanine 1.09%

Proline 1.48%

Serine 1.14%

Threonine 0.91

Tryptophan 0.29%

Tyrosine 0.69%

Valine 1.16%

Base Mineral Profile:

Calcium 0.974%

Potassium 1.810%

Magnesium 0.165%

Sodium 0.847%

Phosphorus 0.849%

Sulphur 0.279%